Frequently Asked Questions

Training Contracts

  • Can I amend my application once it has been submitted?

    No, so please make sure that you check it carefully and provide all the information that you think would help your application. You will be able to update your personal details. This can be done by logging into your application home page and clicking on 'Add/Change details here'.

  • Can I update my email address once I have applied?

    Unfortunately, once you have sent your application you will not be able to change your email address. If your email address does change during the application process, you will still be able to log in to Apply4Law and receive and view all correspondence.

  • Can I defer my training contract start date?

    As a general principle, we do not defer training contract start dates.

  • Do you accept applications from non-law graduates?

    We welcome applications from all kinds of graduates and undergraduates, not just those who have studied law.

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  • Does the firm have any preference regarding the institution that a candidate studies their GDL and/or LPC?

    We are currently partnered with the University of Law and the University of Sheffield to deliver the GDL and LPC to our trainees. Therefore, we require all our future trainees to study their GDL and/or their LPC at either of these institutions if they have not already started or completed their course when they are offered a training contract. If you have already signed up to another provider, the graduate recruitment team can discuss this with you.

  • Does the firm pay GDL/LPC fees?

    If your application is successful, we will meet all the fees associated with your LPC and, if applicable, your GDL if you have not started or completed your studies when offered a training contract. We don’t pay fees retrospectively. We also provide a maintenance grant of £4,500 to help you through your studies.

  • How does the seat rotation work?

    During your training contract you will undertake three ‘training’ seats and one ‘qualification’ seat. The fourth and final seat will most likely be in the department that you, and we, expect you to qualify into.

  • How many trainees do you seek to retain on qualification?

    Trainees are an investment for the future. Over the last five years we have consistently offered qualification roles to more than 80% of our trainees.

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  • How many training contract vacancies do you have?

    This year we have approximately 45 vacancies across both the Personal (PLS) and Business Legal Services (BLS) streams in the 10 locations where we currently offer training contracts. These are: Birmingham, Bristol (PLS only), Cambridge (PLS only), Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle (PLS only), Sheffield, Southampton (PLS only) and South (Chichester, Gatwick, Newbury & Southampton).

  • What locations are training contracts available at?

    You can do a training contract or Legal Work Placement at one of 11 UK locations:

    • Birmingham, Leeds, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton (PLS and BLS)
    • Bristol, Cambridge, Chichester, Newcastle (PLS only)
    • Gatwick (BLS only).

  • If unsuccessful can I apply again next year?

    Yes, we are happy to receive applications from previous applicants.

  • Is it possible to choose which seats I do?

    We will discuss your preference with you and try to meet any requests. However, the exact number of seats available at any given time is driven by the needs of the business and our focus in placing trainees is on where there are likely to be roles on qualification.

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  • Is there an age limit for applications?

    Absolutely not! We encourage applications from graduates and undergraduates of all ages.

  • What are the firm's minimum academic requirements?

    We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate a range of skills and academic ability is one indicator of potential success, therefore, we look for candidates that have a minimum of 300 UCAS Points (or equivalent) in their A-levels and a degree classification of 2:1 or higher. At Irwin Mitchell, we believe in the diversity of our business so will consider applications from truly exceptional candidates who may not fully meet the requirements. It will be critical that those candidates are able to outline why they have skills and capabilities which mean we should consider them without the necessary academic achievement.

  • What are the stages of the application process?

    The application process begins with an application form and a psychometric test. If you meet the minimum criteria, we will invite you to complete a video interview. If you continue to impress us, you will then be invited to the final stage, an assessment centre.

  • What is the closing date for training contract applications?

    The closing date for 2021 training contract only applications is 30th June 2019.

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  • What is the trainee solicitor salary?

    First year salary
    Regional £25,000
    London £36,000

    Second year salary
    Regional £27,000
    London £38,000

  • What skills do I need to apply?

    We look for creative thinkers, innovators and people with ambition, focus and determination. You will also need to be meticulous, with a good eye for detail and have the ability to build strong relationships with your colleagues and clients.

  • When and where will the assessment centres take place?

    All assessment centres are held in the office you have applied to join. Assessment centres for the Legal Work Placement will take place in March 2019 and training contract assessment centres will take place in August 2019. Please note we are unable to accommodate assessment centres outside of these dates.

  • Which office will I be working in if I am successful?

    As part of your application you can choose which office you would like to be based in, as well as which training contract stream you are interested in.

Legal Work Placements

  • Do you offer Legal Work Placements?

    Yes, we run a Legal Work Placement programme every summer in each office, to give prospective trainees a really good insight into what it’s like to work here and life as a solicitor. If you are looking to join us, we would recommend that you undertake a work placement with us, as a high number of training contracts are offered through this route.

  • How many places do you offer for the Legal Work Placement?

    We have approximately 60 placements available each year across both the Business and Personal Legal Services streams in the ten offices where we currently offer Legal Work Placements and training contracts.

  • What is the closing date for applications?

    Applications for the 2019 Legal Work Placement will open on 1 November 2018 and close on 13 January 2019.

  • What skills do I need to apply?

    We look for creative thinkers, innovators and people with ambition, focus and determination. You will also need to be meticulous, with a good eye for detail and have the ability to build strong relationships with your colleagues and clients.

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  • When does the Legal Work Placement run?

    The firm runs two placements during June each year. Each placement lasts two weeks, comprising of two separate seat rotations. They run from 10th June – 21st June and 24th June – 5th July 2019. Please note we are unable to accommodate placements outside of these dates

  • Can I apply for a training contract if I am unsuccessful in gaining a Legal Work Placement?

    No. When you apply for a Legal Work Placement, your application is also submitted for a training contract. These are both assessed in the same way, and we only permit candidates to apply once during one academic year.

  • Do you offer work placements for college or sixth form students?

    Our work experience programme is only available to students who are in at least the second year of their degree, as it is geared to them applying for a training contract with us. We do not have a structured programme for younger students and are unable to accommodate requests for informal work experience.

  • Who can apply for a Legal Work Placement?

    The Legal Work Placement is open to graduates, and undergraduates who are in at least their penultimate year of a law degree, or their final year of a non-law degree.

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  • Will I be paid during my work placement?

    You will receive £100 per week in expenses.


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