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Our Recruitment Process

Find out what each stage of our recruitment process entails.

You can apply online via one of our two routes:

To apply for our Legal Work Placement (LWP) you must be available for a one week work placement in Summer 2024 and be one of the following:

  • A law or non-law graduate
  • An undergraduate who; is in at least their penultimate year of a law degree
  • An undergraduate who is in their final year of a non-law degree.

We automatically consider anyone who completes an LWP for a training contract and a large proportion of our training contracts are awarded this way every year.

Our training contract-only route is for those that are looking to apply for a Training Contract starting in 2024 but can’t complete a Legal Work Placement.

Whichever route you choose to apply for, all candidates will follow the same recruitment process.

As we begin our transition to the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) our approach to trainee recruitment is also changing. The new approach enables us to offer training contracts to start in the year of recruitment (the following year for non-law students needing to complete the PGDL).

As a result of this transition, for the past year and the next two years, we are making training contract offers for 2024. As a result of this we have already filled all 2024 vacancies for Cambridge, Sheffield & Southampton.

Stage 1 - Application & Online Assessment

The first stage of the recruitment process involves a short online form where you’ll give your basic personal information and academic record.

Don’t worry this is for reporting purposes only, we have a blind screening approach throughout our recruitment process which means your personal and academic information isn’t shared with any of our assessors at any stage.

We’ll then invite you to complete a strengths-based assessment. This will take about 90 minutes to two hours.

When people are in roles that enable them to use their strengths, they are happier, more engaged at work and achieve higher levels of performance. These benefits extend beyond the role, with research finding that using your strengths regularly also increases your wellbeing, confidence, resilience, and overall life satisfaction.

It’s important to us that everybody has an equal chance to succeed. The strengths approach explores what motivates and energises you, rather than placing too much emphasis on what experience you might have in any certain area.    

You must apply online by the 2nd January 2023.

Stage 2 – Video Interview

All candidates undertaking the online assessment will receive a feedback report outlining their key strengths. We'll then invite candidates that meet our benchmark to complete a strengths-based video interview. 

Stage 3 – Virtual Assessment Centre

If successful at the video interview stage, we’ll invite you to attend one of our virtual assessment centres. You will be assessed by members of the early careers team, associates and partners, who have all been through unconscious bias training.

Assessment centres will take place across February and March 2023.

We’ll inform all candidates who attend our assessment centres of the outcome of their application. You'll get feedback from our Early Careers team if you aren't successful at this stage. 

Stage 4 – Final Assessment

Our final stage assessment of our recruitment process takes place in June with our Early Careers Regional Representatives, ahead of final training contract offers being made in July.

Have more questions about our recruitment process? Check out our FAQs

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